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Force control instrument


  • Product description: Weight control instrument


HHBC8 + instrument adopts high speed Σ - delta modulus conversion technology.It is suitable for electronic batching, fixed value, sorting and other control occasions.

New features:

1. Analog quantity isolation output;

2. Simplify the software operation menu and enter the setting target state with one key;

3, independent menu mode, common parameters and advanced parameters set independently.

Basic functions:

3 channel optical isolation switch quantity input, 3 channel switch quantity (built-in 3 channel relay) output control

High accuracy A/D conversion, readability 1/30000

5 point nonlinear correction

Meter replacement without re-calibration, just input the parameters of the original instrument can be used

Set addition/subtraction balance/sorting balance/upper and lower limit alarm/peak maintenance and other functions in one

Parameters such as quantitative value, lead, upper and lower limit, and node delay can be set freely according to the application

In addition/subtraction weighing mode, 1-2 ingredients can be selected, while in sorting weighing mode, external control/self-test/free upper and lower limit modes are available

Product size:

Huaheng measurement main business: measuring force sensor, weighing sensor, tension pressure sensor, measuring force control instrument, weight amplifier, measuring force meter to undertake non-standard measuring force weighing sensor custom force sensor of all kinds

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