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Force control instrument

  • KM06


  • Product description: KM06 peak force tester

KM06 peak force tester

The acquisition USES high-speed, high-precision 24-bit dedicated A/D converter, which can be conveniently embedded in various control cabinets.It is an ideal supporting instrument for various force testing machines.The high - speed single - chip microcomputer is used to calculate and process the signal.Compact disc mounted aluminum alloy shell,

Main features:

High precision, high resolution -- A/D conversion, zui large A/D pulse number: 1,000,000

Data sampling rate: 1000 times/second, display refresh: 10 times/second

Two-point (normally open) relay output, action mode can be set (upper and lower alarm)

Digital communication interface, RS232C mode (optional)

With real-time clock, switch display time and date

20-bit LED digital display,

Can display time (8 bits), current value (6 bits) and peak value (6 bits) at the same time

Display unit kg and N freely convertible

With printing interface, can be equipped with micro printer

Installation size:

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