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Miniature force sensor hua heng metering

Miniature force sensor hua heng metering

Shenzhen huaheng measurement co., ltd. has been persistent pursuit of small space force measurement, a large amount of investment in research and development funds, the production of HH8204A08 force sensor, small size, high precision, good linear, the use of strict production process and strict technical process, strong anti-interference ability, easy isolation, rapid response.The products are widely used in pneumatic equipment industry, rotary power equipment, automatic machine tool, robot grip sensor, motor, textile and paper industry, logistics industry, gravity sensor, automobile industry, medical industry, consumer electronics and electronic industry.

The sensitivity of the force sensor is 1.0mv /V, and the recommended excitation voltage is 5V DC/AC.

Range: 5KG 10KG 20KG 30KG 50KG

Complete product specifications, undertake non - standard custom, welcome to guidance.



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