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Multi-channel load cell digital module

  • HHSM808


  • Product description: Sensor transmitterHHSM808
Application: it is mainly used in automatic programming of PLC single chip microcomputer and touch force testing system of manipulator robot
HHSM808 multi-channel force sensor digital module is one of the company's product patents, after years of understanding of the company's sensors, the development of a multi-channel sensor digital acquisition system,
This product has: 4 way 6 way 8 way 16 way 32 way 64 way 128 way, the quality is stable the quality is reliable.
The collector for the eight channels, when set give priority to collect at the same time, also can be connected and seven from other acquisition, up to 64 channels, 6 of 8 to 16 (4 to 32, 128 channels) PC or PLC just via a serial port and the main collector communication, can be achieved in a very short period of time read four 6 of 8 to 16 32 64 128 channels of data.
The communication between the data collector and the host computer adopts the standard modbus-rtu network communication protocol that supports master-slave form (support function code 03H and 10H).This data integration module serves as the slave machine (address and baud rate refer to interface description), and the host machine is the host computer. If the address sent to the slave machine is inconsistent or the CRC check is wrong, the slave machine will not respond.The default address of the data collector is 1
Product size:
Hua heng measurement main business: force sensor, weighing sensor, tension pressure sensor, force measurement control instrument, weight amplifier, force meter
To undertake non - standard force weighing sensor custom force sensor of all kinds
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