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Hand-held force gauge

  • HHTL501


  • Product description: Push pull meterHHTL501

Function introduction:

HHTL501 series digital display push-pull meter is an economical push-pull meter produced by our company.It is suitable for testing the pushing and pulling force of finished products, semi-finished products, materials, plugging and pulling force, destructive test, etc.

Product features:

1. LCD backlight display;

2. USB data interface, support hot plugging;

3. The upper and lower limit deviations are set freely, and the inner and outer limit alarms are selected arbitrarily;

4. Two-point level output of upper and lower limits, buzzer and display screen prompt alarm at the same time;

5, the screen can turn 180 ° direction;

6, 3 kinds of units N, kg, lb automatic conversion;

7. With peak maintenance function, peak automatic lifting and free setting of lifting time;

8. 10 sets of test reports can be saved permanently, and the peak value, valley value and average value can be calculated automatically;

9, no operation automatic shutdown, automatic backlight and other power-saving functions;

10. The test curve data can be stored, transmitted and tracked infinitely through the special test software for PC;

11. Test results can be printed in the software interface;

12. Various test machines can be configured to realize various tests.

Product specifications:

Product accessories:

Hua heng measurement main business: force sensor, weighing sensor, tension pressure sensor, force measurement control instrument, weight amplifier, force meter

To undertake non - standard force weighing sensor custom force sensor of all kinds

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