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weighing force sensor

  • HH8204B3


  • Product description: Weighing force transducer HH8204YY

HH8204B3 product introduction:

Application field: pneumatic equipment industry, rotary power equipment, automatic machine tool, robot motor, textile and paper industry, logistics industry, automobile industry

Product range: 200KG 500KG 1T 2T

Features: HH8204B3 elastomer is made of aluminum alloy.

Technical specifications:

Rated output: 2.0 0.2mv/v

Comprehensive accuracy: 1%F.S

Excitation voltage: 5~12V DC/

Zero output: 2%F.S

Non-linearity: 0.5%F.S

Hysteresis: plus or minus 0.5% F.S

Repeatability: 0.3%F.S

Creep: plus or minus 0.5% F.S

Safety overload: 120%F.S

Limit overload: 150%F.S

Temperature compensation scope: - 5 ℃ + 40 ℃

Operating temperature range: - 5 ℃ + 40 ℃

Zero temperature drift: 0.05%F.S

Sensitivity temperature drift: 0.05%F.S

Input resistance: 405 Ω + 10 Ω

Output value: 350 Ω + 5 Ω

Insulation resistance: p 5000 Ω (100 v DC)

Cable color: red + black - green + white -

Wiring method:


1. If there are special requirements for the line length, it can be provided according to customer requirements

2. If the sensor size does not meet the requirements, it can be customized according to the customer's requirements

Huaheng measurement main business: measuring force sensor, weighing sensor, tension pressure sensor, measuring force control instrument, weight amplifier, measuring force meter to undertake non-standard measuring force weighing sensor custom force sensor of all kinds

Special notice: the product information is for reference only, subject to change without notice, please refer to the actual information.



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