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Weight transmitter

  • HHSM104


  • Product description: Sensor weight transmitterHHSM104

Product introduction:

Application: it is mainly used in automatic programming of PLC single chip microcomputer and touch force testing system of manipulator robot

Features: the new HHSM104 digital module has been comprehensively upgraded in hardware and software, LED status indicator light has been added, factory Settings have been restored, code jumping and 24V power supply function has been restored, modbus-rtu communication has been added, and the original protocol has been retained and compatible, with only one instruction, it can easily switch between the original asynchronous serial communication protocol and modbus-rtu protocol

Maximum output: 1040000 yards;

Signal range: 19mV, differential mode;

Load capacity: a weighing sensor with an impedance of at least 350 ohms

Communication: RS485 half duplex (standard version);

Ultra-thin design: it is convenient for ordinary sensors to be converted into digital sensors;

A/D type: 24 Δ - Σ;

Temperature drift: < 10 PPM / ℃

Data rate: 5-40 times/second;

Default address: 31

Maximum number of networking: 63;

Power supply voltage: 6-24v DC (ultra wide voltage);

Working current: 12mA(excluding sensor)

Operating temperature range: - 20 ~ 60 ℃

Product size:

Hua heng measurement main business: force sensor, weighing sensor, tension pressure sensor, force measurement control instrument, weight amplifier, force meter

To undertake non - standard force weighing sensor custom force sensor of all kinds

Special notice: the product information is for reference only, subject to change without notice, please refer to the actual information.



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