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Weight transmitter

  • HHSM103


  • Product description: Digital weight transmitter HHSM103

Product introduction:

Application: widely used in logistics industry, industrial automation control industry, cashier industry, unmanned supermarket intelligent warehouse pharmacy

Features: HSH metering original HHSM103 digital weight transmitter belt display patent design, stable and reliable precision integrated circuit, high precision digital data transmission RS485/USB data transmission/wireless bluetooth, 6V~24V power supply, MODBUS communication protocol, can be connected to the computer.Single chip microcomputer.Touch screen, PLC, etc

A/D conversion speed: 6.25 to 3200 times/second, with an optional maximum measurement accuracy of 1/200000

HHSM103 digital amplifier is made of high integrated circuit, which can measure pressure, tension and force in industrial field.Weak analog signals such as weight are converted into standard digital signals and sent to other central control units (such as computers, PLCS, touch screens, mobile phones, etc.) through asynchronous serial ports.The field signal can be analyzed with high precision and transmitted without loss.

Die-cast aluminum shell seal, simple use, high reliability, easy to install, accurate data, high precision features.

Product size: 110MM(length) X64MM(width) X38MM (height)

Product size:

Huaheng measurement main business: measuring force sensor, weighing sensor, tension pressure sensor, measuring force control instrument, weight amplifier, measuring force meter to undertake non-standard measuring force weighing sensor custom force sensor of all kinds

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