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Weight transmitter

  • HH801


  • Product description: Weight amplifier HH801

HH801 type weight transmitter

Simple structure, easy to use, reliable work, compact size, can be conveniently embedded in a variety of

Application systems.Two-stage amplification circuit is adopted, the zero point and the gain stage are adjusted independently, the zero point is not affected when the gain is changed, the field adjustment is more convenient, the two-stage amplification circuit can improve the stability of the instrument amplifier under the condition of high gain

Technical parameters:

Power supply: dc 15~24V

Sensor excitation power supply (internal output of weight transmitter) : 5V, 50mA

Comprehensive accuracy: better than 0.1% FS

Frequency response: 1kHz

Adjustable range: 0.5MV-4MV

Operating temperature range: 0 ℃ to 40 ℃

Zero range: -15mv ~15mV

Adjustable magnification range: 280~2500

Output range: 0-5v, 0-10v, 4-20ma

Load: 10 k ≧ Ω

Case material: metal case protection grade: IP66

Overall dimensions: 64X58X35mm

Hua heng measurement main business: force sensor, weighing sensor, tension pressure sensor, force measurement control instrument, weight amplifier, force meter

To undertake non - standard force weighing sensor custom force sensor of all kinds

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